Strongest Flexible Metal Phone Cable

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Flexi-Metal Phone Cable

Tired of your phone battery dying during the day?

Need a convenient solution instead of those cables that just bunch up into an impossible knot?

Well, NO MORE! Our Flexi-Metal Phone Cable can charge your phone anywhere you go with a simple USB jack. Just plug it into your laptop, portable battery banks and you're good to go!

It's also perfect for being your portable tripod or camera stand to capture your favorite memories! Don't miss out! Grab yours today!

Why we love it:

Military Grade aluminium construction 

Easy fold into desired position

Fast mount and dismount of phone or tablet

Car clip included for neat and easy car mount

USB connection for on the go charging - connect straight to a portable power back or laptop 

Multiple uses - use a stand for working or car navigation and hands free, or use as a tripod for photography and video


Output current : 2.5A max 
Cable length : 50 cm 
Color: Black, Silver
Connector: iPhone / Android Micro / Type-C (Xiaomi, Microsoft Lumia, Huawei/LG Nexus)


Package Includes: 
1x Mobile phone flexible cable
1x Car clip

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